Adult Birthday Party Themes

When you are just a kid it becomes very easy to plan a party to celebrate your birthday, it’s just a matter of choosing your favorite activity, your favorite movie or a character you like and make all your decorations with that theme. Plus you have a few things to share with your friends from school, and hope your mom doesn’t get stressed out by having so many kids running around the house. But when you grow up, this is very different.

To make an ideal adult party it’s best to think of something unusual, like something you like but don’t do on a consistent basis, or things you haven’t tried but have always wanted to experiment with that your group will agree to do.

Still don’t have any ideas? Here are a few:

Casino night.

Having a poker night for your birthday party will certainly score you points with your friends, but the key is to keep the stakes as low as possible in terms of money, and as high as possible in terms of challenge. To add spice, you can tell your guests that they are required to wear costumes or a specific color of clothing. Charge admission with candy, snacks or a few coins.

Murder Mystery

Put your mind to work and act by giving your party a more serious theme. Why not set your party in a Gatsby-like atmosphere? Make it all mysterious and choose a few friends to set up a scene. This will take a little more preparation but will definitely have amazing results and will be talked about for years to come.

Live Music

For music lovers going to a concert on your birthday can be a dream come true, so you could look up which artist is closest to your birthday and arrange with friends to buy tickets at the same time. Or perhaps, travel to the venue and have an adventure with the people you enjoy your days with. Maybe you can end the party in a bar or with some London Escorts who are willing to accompany you to all the places you want.

Spa day

It can be at home or in a beauty salon in your city, and it is ideal for those who want a much more relaxed event. In case you want to do it at home, you can ask your friends to bring their face or hair products and maybe a nail polish.

Make a few lemonades and enjoy conversations among your circle of friends that will surely make the evening fun.

A Day with Escorts

If you want a one-person celebration, you can hire one of our girls at Theory Love Escorts and enjoy her services that specialize in making you feel good on your special day. You can go to a restaurant with her, to the movies, to the opera, and then take her back to your room to continue the birthday fun until the next day.