A Montreal Escort Meeting with a Client

From party clients to emotional clients, an escort meets different new clients. Come rain or shine, economic boom or recession, sex work continues. It is happening everywhere, from a high-end hotel and a restaurant to a home visit, and it happens all the time. However, society does not talk about it much. When we talk about it, however, we tend to focus on the workers themselves. We don’t talk about the people who keep sex workers in business – the clients.

Power Clients

These are the socially strong clients who are confident about themselves and usually have high-end jobs. These include celebrities, people in finance, and solicitors. Most of these clients are often seeking for an ego slashing or ego boost – they are the clients who always want to be dominated behind closed doors.

Party clients

I have found clients who usually want the opposite of their way of living when it comes to sex. Party clients, for instance, are clients who want to dominate a woman during sex. They ooze confidence on the surface, but maybe they don’t have any in real sense. They are likely to push you to do something that you have made clear you won’t do.

Guilt clients

While working as a Montreal escort at a Montreal based escort agency, I have occasionally met clients who get a pang of sudden last-minute guilt during the deed. I have met one client who told me, “No, I’ve got a wife; I can’t stop thinking about her.”

Clients who can’t perform and thus want a refund from the agency

Seeing an escort can be a challenging task for some men – I am very experienced – they may not be – which can negatively impact their performance. Some will only laugh it off and go, while others try to request a refund. But it does not like that; we are not no-win fee attorneys.

Guys who are not getting any sex

This type of client might have lost their partner recently, or they have come out of a long-term relationship. Others might be satisfied with everything about their marriages apart from sex.

Virgin clients

If a man hit 20years and still haven’t had sex, he might get pressure from peers who want him to pop it. So, I occasionally meet guys with friends who will pay for them to have sex and stand outside the room when it happens to cheer them out when they walk out de-flowered.

Emotional clients

I have met clients who get emotional encounters. For instance, I have a client at his forties who told me, “I just want to lay here and cuddle, if that is okay? He just wanted the connection of having skin to skin contact. These clients are among the most difficult to handle because even if you want to satisfy them, you want them to go and find that in the real world.

Every encounter with a new client is different, and Montreal escorts are highly experienced to ensure that their clients are getting the satisfaction they want during each encounter. We try our best to satisfy our clients regardless of what they want and their character.


Author: Richard