A simple guide to booking online escorts in Bangkok

While many men love the idea of meeting up with escorts for naughty fun, driving up to a woman standing on a street corner and requesting that she gives you a good time is probably not the best way to go about it. For one, it’s illegal and secondly, you could end up in a situation which may not be good for your health or for your safety. And of course, there’s always the chance that you’ll be the one to get picked up – namely by the vice squad – and run the risk of spending a night tucked up in the cells, rather than tucked up with one of our lovely Bangkok escorts.

With the advent of online escort agencies, it’s never been easier to find escorts in Bangkok. All you have to do is log onto the internet and type a few words into a search engine. By simply typing Bangkok escorts you’ll be inundated with all manner of Bangkok escort agencies offering to put you in contact with some of the most glamorous escorts in Bangkok. Not to mention, all the independent escorts in Bangkok who use the internet to ply their trade.

So which should you choose? Independent escorts or escort agencies?

Independent escorts usually ‘run themselves’. That means that they work without an agency; they look after their own websites, take their own bookings and make all the necessary arrangements themselves. Most of the independent escorts are professional and offer a good and reliable service to both regular clients and new clients too. You’ll get first hand information about their services, rates and availability without having to go through a third party.

Escorts promoted by the many escort agencies in Bangkok usually pay a percentage of their escorting fee for the privilege of having their profile and services marketed by the agency and of course, for the agency handling all the calls and bookings on their behalf.

Whether you choose to use independent escorts or agency escorts is really down to personal preference, however you’ll probably find that escort agencies offer a more professional service in terms of bookings. They’re quick and efficient and of course they often have a huge selection of escorts available for meetings, so if you’re eager to meet with someone right now, they’ll usually be able to oblige.

On the other hand, independent escorts offer a more personalised booking service. You’ll often be speaking to them direct to organise your meeting and you’ll get the chance to build a bit of a connection before you meet. However, you may find that the more popular independent escorts are booked up for weeks in advance.

Avoiding misunderstandings

Whether you choose to meet up with an independent escort or one of the many gorgeous escorts from one of the Bangkok escort agencies, you should always ensure that you read their website and any adverts thoroughly. If you’re in doubt about any of the services offered, it always makes sense to confirm the details when you book, to avoid any misunderstandings. Many sites include hourly rates and these will differ according to the escort you book, the amount of time you book, whether you choose incall escorts or outcall escorts and sometimes you’ll also be asked to pay travel expenses too. So always ensure that you know exactly what you’ll be expected to pay and how.

Making a booking

Many escort websites have booking forms to enable you to make your initial enquiry quickly and without picking up the phone. If you are booking an independent escort and there’s a phone number available, make sure you make your intention clear. They get many unsolicited messages from timewasters who have no intention of booking a meeting, so if you want a reply, either wait to speak to the escort personally or leave a voice mail with your details. Of course, it should state clearly on the site the preferred method of booking, so always make sure that you read the information properly. In addition, most escorts and escort agencies won’t pick up a blocked number, so make sure you call from a phone which you don’t mind using to book an escort. If necessary, buy a sim card specifically for that purpose.

If you’re a little shy and you don’t relish the thought of calling in person, the booking form will be a godsend for you. However, response times to booking requests do tend to vary, so if you’re looking to meet with one of their escorts quickly, a phone call may be your best option.

Where to meet

Most escorts will give you a choice of meeting options. You can choose to meet at her apartment (known as incalls), which will most often be well located to enable you to get there easily, or ask the escort to come to you (outcalls). If you do choose outcall escort services you can invite your escort to meet you at your home or in a local hotel. Of course, you can also invite her to meet you in a public place, especially if you prefer to start your date with drinks or dinner. If you do decide to make an outcall booking you’ll be asked for your name and address or hotel name and room number, together with your phone number. Some of the most reputable escort agencies will ask for a landline number for your home or a hotel reservation number if you request that the escort meets you in a hotel. Please remember that this is for the safety and security of the escort girls, they’re not trying to intrude on your privacy. As you can imagine, escort agencies receive many prank calls from men claiming to want to meet, but who really just get a kick out of talking.

If you’ve chosen incall Bangkok escort service, often the agency will give a location close to their address and then call you when you’re in proximity with the exact address. Once again, this is all about security and safety.

Paying for your escort’s time

Whether you’ve booked an independent escort or an escort through one of Bangkok’s escort agencies, you’ll probably be wondering what’s the protocol when it comes to payment. It’s best to get everything to do with payment out of the way as soon as the date begins. This will help you to relax and enjoy what’s about to happen without worrying about paying later. Many escort agencies give you the opportunity to pay upfront for your escort’s services, either by credit or debit card or by bank transfer. Other agencies and independent escorts will expect payment in cash.

If you’ve been asked to bring cash, always put it in an unsealed envelope. This gives your escort the chance to quickly check that you’ve given her what she expected and thus avoid any potential embarrassment on either side.

Author: Richard