Birmingham Escorts Love to Duo

There is that great saying that two is definitely better that one. This is definitely true when it comes to me; I love to escort and its better when there is me and at least another one escort otherwise it’s not a party. I have fun escorting; I think you really shouldn’t do something unless you truly love it. No need to face the Monday morning feeling? It’s so much better to jump out of bed with a spring in your step. My running clothes go on first thing then a quick run to get the day into its full swing, going for a quick jog in central Birmingham really does start you day off well. Most of my girlfriends do the same job as me and we really are rather close. We meet up for lunch and spend a lot of time together, and very often we also work together. We are best friend and we love each other company.

I consider myself to be really lucky I managed to find a really lovely apartment a short distance from all my favourite boutiques and all my girl friends live close by. I enjoy entertaining from home as well as going out to a booking, but when I am at home I can prepare, I will have drinks such as wine but if it’s going to be a much longer booking I like to get my favourite champagne. It’s not a party until you have champagne on ice. I enjoy meeting a variety of people men and women but when it is me and another escort it just makes it that much more fun I know that I can really let my hair down. You could say that two is company and three is a crowd but when it comes to escorting the more escorts the better. You could easily get bored with one, but with two or more you are guaranteed something extra special, and why not spoil yourself.

Booking a two or more Birmingham escorts who already know each other or who love to work together means we are completely at ease, and we can focus more on you and your needs, we won’t disappoint. In fact I think you will find yourself saying how I ever booked just one escort when I could have had two and been looked after like a King.

No one is going to think you’re greedy but they will definitely be jealous! Treat yourself to something amazing! You will have a smile from ear to ear!

Author: Richard