Johor Bahru Escort -13 Things Escorts Should Know About Men

Becoming an escort means that you should have a wealth of knowledge about a LOT of things, but especially the subject of men. And, while all men cannot be stereotyped into one little category with very precise descriptions, there are some basic statements that can be made that will apply to most of the gender.

Knowing ahead of time what to expect and how to consider certain generalities will boost your ability to attract clients, please them during an encounter and keep them coming back for more of your services. Use these tips to your advantage as you meet and greet with the men on your client list:

  1. Men like to be pampered. It’s a huge truth that everyone likes to be pampered. But, men rarely slow down and take the time to be slathered in luxury and treated like a king. Even if they do slow down long enough, the opportunity for such treatment may be unavailable. Many clients’ spouses don’t understand that their partners need or desire this. And, many just may not take the time for such actions. Your services don’t have to include extensive pampering measures; but, creating an atmosphere where your client feels like his needs and wants are being tended to is essential. Try to have his favorite drink ready for him ahead of time, whether it’s a cup of coffee or a cold beer. Offer to run a bath for him and lather him up as foreplay. Or, simply give him a mini massage prior to “other” activities the two of you have planned. The efforts you take to make him feel like he is being taken special care of will go a long way in making the encounter meaningful.
  2. Stroke your clients’ egos. Just like anyone, they like to feel good about themselves. And, due to life’s busy schedules, they may not get a lot of compliments or appreciation throughout the day from the people in their world. Build up your client with comments about his good looks, intelligence, sense of humor or other aspects of his personality. Some clients aren’t, honestly, much to look at, but they are amazingly generous, compassionate or kind. Others may be downright unattractive, but they have beautiful eyes or amazingly long eyelashes. It should be easy to find something nice about your clients that you can gush about. If you can’t find something uplifting to say to them, make it up. Tell him he’s a terrific lover, even if his skills are just lackluster. Explain to him how you appreciate his presence, because he is so entertaining. Allow your client to be right — even when you think he’s full of hot air. Allow him to feel appreciated and liked — which may be completely different than what he gets from home or at work.
  3. Clients think about sex a LOT. Why do you think they troll the escort directory sites? They are on the prowl for images that will fuel their fantasies. They are also in search of the “perfect” escort who will fulfill their wishes or desires for the week. Studies have shown a variety of results, but most agree that the male brain is wired more sexually than the female one. As a result, they are easily distracted by a woman’s figure, her ability to flirt and any physical contact that could even be slightly construed as sexual. Because most men are highly sexual or focused on the act, it’s fairly easy to get their motors revving. However, many experienced clients want to know why an encounter with you is going to be any different than with the last escort they visited. You have to be prepared to lure them in with your charms, provide provocative photos (which are still classy) and set up an atmosphere of pleasure that others do not.
  4. They don’t care about stretch marks. Even though you may obsess about stretch marks and other imperfections on your body, they don’t really care about them. A little bit of cellulite on your thighs? Not a big deal! A C-section scar? Lots of women have them. A zit on your chin? No worries! Men may notice the whole package, but little flaws aren’t usually a problem for them. Even if they notice these things about you, it won’t turn them off. Once you start taking off your clothes, they don’t really care about anything other than getting skin-to-skin contact. They become slaves to the sensations you are providing to them, instead of being worried about how you look. Focus on them, not on yourself… and act as if you have the most perfect body in the world. Fake it and they won’t ever really know the difference. If you really have issues about a certain body problem, cover it up or attempt to conceal it in some fashion. But, most of your clients won’t care one way or another. If they notice, it may result in conversation, but nothing more.
  5. Many of your clients have fantasies they are afraid to share with anyone else. Mainstream society is not only judgmental when it comes to escorts; it is also very stern in its approval of what “healthy” sex is or isn’t. Some of your clients will have desires that are not normally sanctioned as “traditional” sex. Wanting more than intimacy in the missionary position is pretty common, and some clients will want experiences that are a bit more off the beaten path. However, up until spending time with you, they’ve been afraid to explore their desires. Once with you, though, they are uninhibited and free to try out new things. They may be cautious, at first, to divulge their dark secrets, but once they feel safe with you, the suggestions/requests will start to flow. Just be ready: you may hear some ideas from clients you think would be the least likely to be kinky and dirty.
  6. He wants to be inspired. Everybody wants a muse and your clients are no different. They want you to encourage them and make them feel up to taking on any challenge. Some of your older clients will want to feel rejuvenated through your youthful enthusiasm. Be upbeat, optimistic and excited about the world around you. Look forward to opportunity and the future. And, allow your client to gain hopefulness through your contagious good attitude. In a world filled with negativity and bad news, you need to be a breath of fresh air for your client. Your glass has to be half full. And, you have to endure with faith that the sun will come up tomorrow. Their spouses may be ever-critical, where they rely on you to be happy and supportive. Create a relationship with your client that is established on your faith in him and appreciation of the world around you.
  7. He is weak sometimes. Everyone is affected by emotional turmoil. Some hide it well, while others wear their hearts on their sleeves. However, many of your clients may be expected to reserve their emotions for rare occasions. They feel that they are supposed to be strong and silent types, never allowing a tear to creep in during sad times or anger to rise up during others. They need an outlet to allow their softer selves to be free. During an encounter, you may notice that clients are much weepier and in touch with their feelings and open up to discussing their feelings. Clients share how they feel about incidents in their lives, the way their spouse/partner makes them feel and any heartbreak or tragedy they experience. Your job is not to attempt to solve their problems; your role is to listen and provide a safe environment for them to get in touch with themselves. Make them feel accepted and understood.
  8. Your clients crave freedom. For many of your clients, visiting an escort is a way that they express the fact that they are still free, not tethered down by relationships, responsibilities or other obligations. The last thing in the world that many of these men want to feel is that life has encumbered them into their current situations. Seeing an escort is a way to break free from life’s handcuffs and rebel. They see these experiences as revisiting their young and carefree days, never growing old and not being tied down. They want to still view themselves as wild and free, so they book encounters with you. You can help them feel even more successful with this by boosting the idea that they are spontaneous and fun to be around. Explain that they seem so capable of making their own decisions and facing the consequences. Emphasize how their personalities are strong and bold, along with being individually empowered.
  9. They don’t want to always take the lead. Many of those clients who seem to always be in control don’t want to actually be the boss everywhere they go. They welcome the opportunity to allow someone else to be the leader. Relinquishing their choke hold on everything allows them the sensation of being a risk taker and able to enjoy the ride of the unexpected. It’s exciting to them to not know what is going to happen next. As you get to know your clients, ask them how they want the encounter to proceed. Be sure to offer the opportunity for them to hand over the “lead” to you. Some will jump at the chance, because they’re exhausted from being in charge ALL of the time. When you do take control, be sure to pay attention to your client’s body language and what he says to ensure you have his permission every step of the way.
  10. Most clients are motivated by competition. Many men (and lots of women) are instigated to success by the thrill of being the best in a variety of ways: their careers, their wealth, their belongings, etc. Owning, collecting and earning more than their peers is not only satisfying, but it defines success to them. Early on in their careers, your clients may have learned that their wealth attracted a finer caliber of women. And, as time wore on, they realized that they didn’t have to simply attract women, they could buy time with the best companions in the world. Booking encounters with escorts is a client’s way of one-upping their buddies or colleagues, by being able to spend time with a beautiful woman. Even if they don’t brag about their escapades to others, they know that they are getting the best that money can buy. To them, this internal competition to earn the time of a beautiful woman is a sign of success.
  11. They actually like a little meat on your bones. Despite the media’s representation of beauty depicting a VERY skinny female figure, your clients appreciate your curves. They don’t want a woman who is only skin and bones. They desire a woman with voluptuous breasts and curvy hips. They don’t care if there’s a little bit more to squeeze. Instead of striving to be skinny, you should attempt to be fit. Men are attracted to women who have weight on them, but are in shape. However, don’t despair if you’ve got a couple of extra pounds or love handles that you can’t shed. Your clients are simply appreciative for the time you spend with them and the fact that you’re considering becoming intimate with them. They desire the female form, in all shapes and sizes.
  12. Most of your clients will not talk as much as you might expect them to. Don’t take it as an insult if your clients don’t end up being chatty all of the time with you. Don’t feel obligated to push conversations to points that seem awkward or stilted, simply to fill in the silence. Most men just don’t use as many words as women do. They choose to talk about subjects that interest them, not anything just to fill space. If your clients don’t seem into the conversation, it may not be a sign that they find you uninteresting. They may just not be in the mood to talk. It’s okay. It’s pretty easy to find other things to pass the time during an encounter. But, if you feel that you and your client aren’t properly warmed up to move to an intimate portion of your booking, ease into with a massage or another activity that will help aid the transition.
  13. Many men are givers. Men, despite being stereotyped as very selfish in the bedroom, are actually pretty generous givers in all aspects of life, when they feel the urge. If you create a welcoming atmosphere that makes the client feel wanted, appreciated and desired, he may shower you with unexpected gifts and chivalry. They are very reciprocal when they receive pleasure, so be prepared for clients to desire delivering a good time for you, too.

Regardless of the things you “should” know about men when you’re escort, it’s essential to pay close attention to your clients and get to know them individually. They all possess unique characteristics and personalities that are deserving of your one-on-one attention. Take the time to learn their quirks and desires, and you may have a long list of loyal, happy clients.

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Author: Richard