Relationship Between A Croydon Escort And A Client

When you stand back and look at the interaction between a client and their Croydon escort, you’ll notice that it’s a multi-layered web of desires and replies. The psychology of which is fascinating (in the majority of client/escort interactions, but not all). The customer is in subjective control and has certain expectations of an escort (after all, they are the ones paying for the service); but, what they are buying from the escort is practically the polar opposite: a loss of control.

The client has established the framework for what they want ahead of time (i.e. any fetishes, positioning, needs, etc. ), but in most situations (not all), the job the escort is hired to do is take that control away from them. And, as a result of that encounter, both the client and the escort have a pretty good notion of what the client thinks of the escort: they regard them as a powerful force who must be respected – even if the escort is hired to be a submissive! So, what do escorts think of their customers? You’d be surprised, but the solution isn’t overly hard for such a broad subject.

Unveiling Escort’s Secret

Above all, a Croydon escort considers their customer to be only a part of their company. They’re just a customer. They are those that require a certain service that an escort may supply. Money dominates over everything else in the eyes of an escort, no matter how much some clients would like to believe otherwise. You, as a client, should not be offended by this; it is their job. Escorts love honesty, and one of the things they’d like you to know is that they value it. says that this helps their girls to ensure they don’t get strongly hooked up to their clients.


Despite the fact that clients arrive in various shapes and sizes and come from all walks of life, there are some characteristics that they all have in common – and it’s not only their desire for carnal fulfillment. The client/escort connection has always been difficult to nail down, but at, we show you exactly what Croydon escort think of their clients.

Author: Richard